25 interesting facts…about me!

by Michelle on April 18, 2014 · 2 comments

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Sorry guys but today’s post is all about ME, ME, ME! :) That’s because today’s my birthday and I can’t believe I’m turning the big 2-5! I’m a quarter of a century old! To make myself feel better, I tell myself things like “I’m only 25 and have already lived in 5 countries (and many more cities)!”, “Look at me! I’m an expat in Europe!”, “I’m going to Italy in a few weeks!” and “No worries, I still look good in short shorts!”

Of course, alcohol and cake also helps.

This year, I’ll be celebrating my birthday in lovely Munich. The bf has planned a huge surprise for me, but I don’t know what it is since I cheated and actually wrote this post yesterday and timed it to be published today, hehe. Anyway, for this all about me post, I’ve decided to share 25 interesting facts about myself…one for every year I’ve been alive for. Cheers!

1. I hate it when guys buy me flowers. It just seems so unimaginative.

2. I still get nervous speaking German despite having lived in Germany for almost 2 years now.

3. Travelling around Europe has surprised me…I didn’t like Paris or Vienna as much as I thought I would, but I loved cities like Budapest and Prague which I never thought that much about.

4. I used to take ballet lessons and even had a tutu and performed at an arts centre.

5. I also took skating lessons but couldn’t pass a level because it required you to jump over a hockey stick and every time I attempted it, I kept falling. Sounds so Canadian doesn’t it?

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One question I always get asked is, “how do you afford all your travels?”

The truth is, there’s no real “easy way” (unless you happen to win the lottery or are a trust fund kid of course!) But the good news is that most travellers I’ve met aren’t rich (or have won the lottery!). Instead they mostly just work and save their money, and when you do your research, it’s actually pretty easy to travel cheaply.

I admit, I can be horrible with saving money since I can get a bit carried away with shopping, but I can also miracously live on very little money when my poor university student powers are called into play. Then again, saving money doesn’t mean you have to live cheaply and eat mac and cheese everyday, the most important thing is to spend wisely, without forgoing all of your luxuries. With summer coming soon, I’ve compiled this list of 30 easy ways to save some money… because who doesn’t want to have money to go somewhere fun, far and exotic for the summer?

1. You’d be surprised by how much money you can save by making your own dinners, rather than dining out!

2. Buy a tumbler and make your own coffee and tea. If you urgently need Starbucks therapy, opt for a basic drink rather than a latte, and skip the sweets!

3. Always make sure you have enough cash on hand when you go out, especially at night, so you can avoid paying ATM fees.

4. Make sure to get on a club’s guest list to avoid paying an expensive cover, and pre-drink beforehand!

5. Try to bike or walk as much as possible…not only will you save money on transit and gas, it’s also good for you!

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Top 5 best cheap eats in Berlin

by Michelle on April 8, 2014 · 4 comments


One thing I love about Berlin is that although it’s such a big city, everything is so amazingly cheap. While Munich is classy, elegant and rich, Berlin is hip, artsy and experimental. Some of my friends call Berlin a “giant art experiment” and when you walk around neighbourhoods such as Kreuzberg, it would be difficult not to notice it’s alternative edge, hipster vibe and of course, the abundance of cheap eats!

There are some amazing restaurants all throughout Berlin. And just because prices are cheap, doesn’t mean the quality isn’t there. In fact, some of the best food I’ve had have been in Berlin, and none of these meals have cost more than 5 euros.

Crazy right? Well crazy is what Berlin is all about!

Check out my top 5 cheap eats below!

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1. Facial wipes / 2. Kindle / 3. travel journal / 4. Frends headphones / 5. snack bars / 6. iPhone5s

I love flying and I always get the more excited the further away and more exotic a destination is. But like most people, I also get really restless if I have to sit for hours on end. The longest I’ve flown was to Australia which took some crazy +20 hours to get to! Luckily most of my flights aren’t that long, but with the majority of my flights being from Canada to Germany (and vice versa), that’s still an 8 hour flight, which can still feel like eternity if: 1) the in-flight movie selection sucks 2) there’s a crying baby on-board 3) your seat mate decides to delight you with all the minuscule details of their most recent divorce or 4) your iPod battery dies.

Everyone has different methods of coping during long flights. Some sleep, some drain their sorrows in complementary alcoholic beverages and others attempt to flirt with their seat mates.

And while you may enjoy doing one or all of the above, the items you bring on your carry-on could be a life-safer when it comes to surviving a long flight, so it’s important to pack wisely!

Here’s some of my in-flight essentials!

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