Exploring the Munich Botanical Gardens

by Michelle on April 2, 2015 · 2 comments


Last weekend (before Southern Germany got stuck in this continuous storm that’s still brewing outside), Miriam and Yann’s parents all came to visit us in Munich. We all had such a fun time, although one thing that really stood out was our trip to the Botanical Gardens. It’s near the Nymphenburg Palace, which I’ve been to, but somehow we never really though to check out the gardens….until now.

The last time I visited a botanical garden was actually back in my art school days in Chicago. One of my profs would organize trips for our painting class to sketch and paint in different places every week around the city, which was quite fun!

The botanical garden in Munich is definitely a worthy competitor of the one in Chicago. In fact, the one in Munich is actually one of the most important botanical gardens in the world, visited by over 350,000 visitors a year, and home to about 16,000 plants! (in case you’re super impressed by my knowledge of these things, I actually just got all that information from their website. Keepin’ it honest guys! ;) )

Each room is set up to contain certain plants from different regions around the world, so some rooms feel hot and humid while others feel like you’re in a tropical rainforest! After a while, you feel like an explorer undergoing an epic adventure around the world (translation: a giddy kid on a class field trip).

Here’s some of my favourite shots!

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I love Instagram. It’s by far my most favourite social media platform. Scrolling through my Instagram feed always feels like stepping into a candy shop. I love following other travel, fashion and fitness bloggers and all their perfectly filtered photos are just the fix I need to draw on for my daily dose of inspiration.

I’m not “instafamous” by any means nor am I an amazing photographer, but I love how within a year, my number of followers have been steadily increasing every day and I’m currently past the 2k mark! Along the way, I’ve also gotten much better at capturing the “perfect photo” so I’ve decided to dedicate a post with tips on taking some great photos. Here’s some tricks I’ve learned!

Better photos = more likes, more followers! Let’s go!

1. Always take a few photos from slightly different perspectives and then go back and choose your favourite.

Sometimes, just a slight change in angle, composition or the moving objects in a photo can make all the difference.

Here, I took a bunch of consectutive photos of the surfers in the Eisbach in Munich. It works well when you can look at them afterwards and decide which one is your favourite:


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The first day of spring was officially March 20th, which many of my friends and family in Canada were extremely happy about, especially after all the dreadful -30-40 days they’ve had this winter!

While this winter has been pretty warm in Germany (although winters here overall tend to be overcast and grey), the sunny and warm weather we’ve been having in the past few days have been an extremely welcomed change. All of a sudden, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and the weather forecast is predicting 15 degree weather all week long!

Whats going on?! (Never fear, spring is here!)

You know spring has arrived in Germany when…

  • The entire city is outdoors. Suddenly everyone wants to sit outside in cafes even though they need a blanket and jacket to stay warm (and Germans think Canadians are crazy!)
  • Rather than rows of heart shaped chocolates in the supermarket, it’s rows and rows of Easter bunnies.
  • There are line ups in the ice cream shops.
  • As a Canadian, it’s also now ok to buy ice cream without people thinking you’re crazy.
  • Beer festivals like the Starkbierfest have started again and Frühlingsfest is just around the corner.
  • Freezing in your dirndls and lederhosen is no longer a concern anymore!
  • You find yourself googling beach destinations.
  • You can stow away your heavy winter jacket! Goodbye winter boots! So long gloves! Good riddance scarves! (Just joking Germans wear scarves all year round).

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domestic animals: close-up of cat eyes

Friday the 13th doesn’t come around too often, so when it does it always seems to make that given Friday even more interesting (or a day to be extra cautious depending on how superstitious you are!). Around the world, many countries see Friday the 13th as an unlucky day…even in Germany where the people are oh so practical. Although I doubt people here take it as seriously as in the US, where according to a study by the North Carolina Stress Management Centre and Phobia Institute, approximately 17-21 million people suffer from a fear of Friday the 13th! There’s even a name for this phobia called, friggatriskaidekaphobia (good thing that word never showed up on my spelling tests back in middle school).

Anyway, I’ll leave you guys with some interesting Friday the 13th facts and superstitions! (Yes there’s 13 of them!)

1. In North America (and possibly other places around the world) the number 13 is thought to bring such bad luck that many cities don’t have a 13th Street, apartments don’t have a 13th floor, hospitals avoid labelling rooms with number 13 and airports don’t have a gate 13.

2. For Christians, Friday the 13th is unlucky because Friday was the day Jesus was crucified. Since there were 13 people at The Last Supper (Judas was the 13th guest), the number is believed to bring bad luck.

3. The ship HMS Friday sailed on Friday the 13th during the 18th century. It was never discovered…and since then, ships rarely sail on that date.

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