First stop in Croatia, Zagreb!

by Michelle on July 24, 2014 · 3 comments

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One thing I love about Eastern Europe is that it always surprises me. While lots of travellers flock to western European cities like Paris, London, Barcelona and Rome, Eastern European boosts many great places in the path less travelled. I’ve done quite a bit of travelling around Eastern Europe this year and I have to say, cities like Budapest and Prague are just as beautiful, grand and cultured as any western European city, if not more so.

My trip to Croatia and Montenegro does not disappoint.

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My life at the moment…in photos

by Michelle on July 8, 2014 · 6 comments

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With a few days left of this semester, my life is pretty full with essays and final exams at the moment. Unfortunately, that means that I haven’t been able to update my blog as much as I’d like, but at the same time, I’ve still been able to squeeze in a few trips to Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Zurich, and next Monday, I’ll be leaving for Croatia for a week!

In the meantime, while I’m off to finish my enormous to do list for this week, I’ll leave you guys with some of my favourite recent photos!

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A sunny weekend in Zürich

by Michelle on June 29, 2014 · 4 comments

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The last time I was in Zurich was almost three years ago, so when one of my best friends from home, Miriam, moved there a few months back for a job, I began planning my visit. Luckily, living in southern Germany, Zurich is only a few hours away by bus!

I was planning on visiting back in May but because of my busy master’s schedule, I didn’t have time until last weekend in June. On the bright side, the weather in June this year has been wonderfully sunny in both Germany and Switzerland, so our weekend was filled with spending time at the lake, ice cream, exploring hipster parts of Zurich, and of course watching the World Cup games (because although we’re both not regular soccer fans, when it comes to the World Cup or Euro Cup, all of a sudden we turn into crazy soccer fanatics).

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A how-to guide to Cinque Terre

by Michelle on June 9, 2014 · 9 comments


If you’re travelling to Italy, Cinque Terre is a place not to be missed. With a collection of five coastal villages along the Italian Riviera, village hopping to each of the picturesque villages is definitley an unforgettable experience.

Getting there

The best way to get to Cinque Terre is by train. From Pisa it’s only about an hour away, but there’s also connections there from Florence, and other major cities like Venice and Milan. The Italian national railway is called Trenitalia. It’s a bit confusing but it’s great for searching for connections beforehand and even buying your tickets online.

Click here to search up train schedules!

*Remember to get your ticket validated before you go on the train!*

Depending on where you’re traveling from, you might have to travel to La Spezia and take a connecting train to the villages. Luckily I travelled there from Pisa, where there are a good amount of direct connections! A single way train ticket from Pisa is aprrox. 8 euros.

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Thumbnail image for The colourful villages of Cinque Terre!

The colourful villages of Cinque Terre!

by Michelle June 3, 2014

Cinque Terre, located on the Italian Riviera, is hands down, one of my favourite places in Europe, if not the world! The word itself is Italian for “five villages” and consists of just that! Well they’re not just any villages, but five of the most stunning, picturesque villages you’ll ever visit. These include: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Since […]

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Thumbnail image for Soaking in the sun and culture in Florence

Soaking in the sun and culture in Florence

by Michelle May 23, 2014

Having gone to art school, I definitely couldn’t pass up the chance to go to Florence. After all, it’s the birth place of the Italian Renaissance! Also opera was invented there and the Florentine dialect which was adapted and became what’s now the modern Italian language. Ok so maybe I did doze off a couple times in art history class […]

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A Day in Pisa

by Michelle May 15, 2014

After not being able to fly to Italy last year with my passport stolen a week before, I was soooo excited about this trip! I’ve wanted to go to Italy for quite some time, but somehow I’ve visited almost every other European country except this one… Luckily I (once again) scored some cheap tickets from Ryanair and it was off […]

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Thumbnail image for Touring Venice

Touring Venice

by Michelle May 7, 2014

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind view, food to die for, and a city rich with history, there’s no place quite like Venice, Italy. You can spend your days walking along the Venice canal, admiring the unique architecture, and taking in all the culture that Venice has to offer. The second you step foot in Venice, the atmosphere draws you […]

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Things I’ve learned as an expat in Europe

by Michelle May 1, 2014

I remember when I was little I had a huge obsession with London and dreamed of moving there. I guess that was my gateway to “Europe” as over the years I found lots of other things to obsess about over Europe. Including that dream, shared by many others, of living there one day. First there was England (Harry Potter! Spice […]

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25 interesting facts…about me!

by Michelle April 18, 2014

Sorry guys but today’s post is all about ME, ME, ME! That’s because today’s my birthday and I can’t believe I’m turning the big 2-5! I’m a quarter of a century old! To make myself feel better, I tell myself things like “I’m only 25 and have already lived in 5 countries (and many more cities)!”, “Look at me! I’m […]

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