Pictures from Canada

by Michelle on October 26, 2014 · 2 comments

photo 4-31

It’s been a while since my summer back home in Canada, and looking through my phone, I’ve noticed that there’s a ton of photos that I haven’t posted yet! There was so much going on, especially with my parents’ home renovations, and Yann coming to Canada for the first time.

From delicious dim sum to scenic Niagara Falls and everything in between, here are some of my favourites! (Warning, there’s going to be quite a few photos of food!)

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Third time’s a charm! Oktoberfest 2014

by Michelle on October 14, 2014 · 0 comments

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Although I’ve been to Oktoberfest for the past two years, what I found out this time is that it’s not really Oktoberfest unless you manage to get inside the tents.

The first time me and my Canadian and British friends went, we were inexperienced and had no idea what you were really suppose to do. We went into a few tents, got kicked out, but managed to eventually get a table outside a tent, where we were able to order a few beers, so our endeavours (including a crazy five hour train ride to Munich) weren’t totally wasted.

The second time around, I went with my German friends who were living in Munich, but that time was even more unsuccessful because it was pouring that day and we got there too late. We waited in line outside one of the tents, and noticed an hour later that the line hasn’t moved at all. In the end, Yann bought me a lebkuchenherz (it said Prinzessin and I still have it hanging up in my apartment) and we all ended up at the Hofbrauhaus instead (it’s pretty much the same thing right?!)

Finally this year, with my same German friends who were determined to get into a tent, we finally figured out that the secret to getting inside is to actually wake up super early. We woke up at 6:30 am, made it down to the Theresienwiese (many Germans refer to Oktoberfest as Wies’n, which comes from this name) by 8am, and were inside and drinking by 9am.

It actually wasn’t that difficult, considering all the horror stories I’ve heard about having to reserve a year in advance.

Ok sure, I was barely awake (especially with my jet lag) for the first couple hours and drinking anything other than tea so early in the morning seemed like a horribly daunting task BUT by afternoon, everything was great and lively! (And a lot of people were already far too drunk! – only at Oktoberfest!)

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Thoughts from a German in…Montreal

by Michelle on October 8, 2014 · 4 comments

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Hey guys! Sorry for my lack of updates for the past couple weeks! It’s been quite busy here with a move back to Germany (this will be my third year in Germany…isn’t that crazy?!), some crazy Oktoberfest shenanigans (embarrassing photos of me in a dirndl will be coming in the next blog post – beware), and of course, uni has started again (a week earlier than I expected!). How the time has flown!!

With the weather getting colder day by day (there’s Christmas decorations in some stores already!), here’s a post about me and Yann’s weeklong trip to Montreal when the weather was much nicer last month. In the same style as the last post, I thought it would be fun for Yann to once again take over and write about about what he thought about Montreal…from a European perspective.

Here we go Yann!

Yann: Ok!!

1. Montreal is cool in that it seems like a mash up of both European and North American culture. There’s a decent amount of skyscrapers (although not as impressive as the ones in Toronto), but also a well preserved old part of town that reminds me of Paris.

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Thoughts from a German in Canada

by Michelle on September 15, 2014 · 6 comments

photo 1-35

After being in Canada for almost a week now, I thought it would be fun for my boyfriend Yann to take over and write a post about what he thinks of Canada! (As you can see from the photo above, he’s already addicted to Tim Hortons)

Here are his top ten impressions so far!

1. THE FOOD…there’s so much good food of different varieties around the world…and the portions are huge! In Germany, the options are much much less. There’s also lots of “good” fast food chains like Chipotle that are very uncommon in Germany, where you can get something very affordable and on the go, but still tastes great. I think the best food I’ve had so far is this local burrito chain called Burrito Boyz. The chicken and sweet potato burrito is amazing. Canada is food heaven!

2. There’s a surprisingly amount of German beers here but of course when in Canada, drink Canadian beer. The varieties of beer they have here in terms of local microbreweries is amazing. Aisles of craft beer all from Ontario. Way more exciting than in Germany, although I’m not liking the fact that you can’t buy beer at the supermarket. I’ve tried a couple and am excited to try more.

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Thumbnail image for 10 things I’ve missed about Canada

10 things I’ve missed about Canada

by Michelle August 22, 2014

After travelling or living abroad, sometimes the thing you crave most is actually visiting home. After living abroad in Germany for a year, it was definitely nice to come home to family, friends and everything that’s familiar…even if it’s just for two months. Of course, I love travelling around Europe (the cobblestone streets! the castles! the vineyards!) but there’s just […]

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Thumbnail image for Ways of seeing Germany while you travel… and travel cheaply at the same time!

Ways of seeing Germany while you travel… and travel cheaply at the same time!

by Michelle August 17, 2014

The first time I went to Europe was four years ago when I did a mini Eurotrip by train. Train travel seemed like the most obvious way to get around Europe since that’s how it’s always done in movies, books, and hey, if it’s good enough for Ernest Hemingway… Now I am living in Germany, and I have to admit, […]

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Thumbnail image for My trip to Herceg Novi and some fun facts about Montenegro!

My trip to Herceg Novi and some fun facts about Montenegro!

by Michelle August 12, 2014

When I was in Dubrovnik, the closeness of Bosnia and Montenegro was too tempting for me not to go visit one of these countries, and check another country off my European bucket list. I decided on Montenegro because Herceg Novi looked like a cute little coastal town. There are coach buses you can buy at the Dubrovnik coach station directly […]

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Thumbnail image for “Those who seek paradise on Earth should come and see Dubrovnik”

“Those who seek paradise on Earth should come and see Dubrovnik”

by Michelle August 5, 2014

No trip to Croatia is complete without checking out Dubrovnik. I didn’t know much about the city until I started researching where to go on my mini Croatia trip, but every source I encountered raved about Dubrovnik. Just from it’s descriptions of it’s beautiful ancient walled city to it’s sparkling blue Adriatic coastline, I knew that’s where I wanted to […]

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Thumbnail image for First stop in Croatia, Zagreb!

First stop in Croatia, Zagreb!

by Michelle July 24, 2014

One thing I love about Eastern Europe is that it always surprises me. While lots of travellers flock to western European cities like Paris, London, Barcelona and Rome, Eastern European boosts many great places in the path less travelled. I’ve done quite a bit of travelling around Eastern Europe this year and I have to say, cities like Budapest and […]

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Thumbnail image for My life at the moment…in photos

My life at the moment…in photos

by Michelle July 8, 2014

With a few days left of this semester, my life is pretty full with essays and final exams at the moment. Unfortunately, that means that I haven’t been able to update my blog as much as I’d like, but at the same time, I’ve still been able to squeeze in a few trips to Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Zurich, and next Monday, […]

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